BrainsFirst Certification

Make a difference for talents, teams, and organizations with BrainsFirst’s bias-free tools.

With a BrainsFirst certificate, you are authorized and capable of deploying the scientifically grounded, data-driven, and bias-free tools of BrainsFirst for:

  • Recognizing, recruiting, onboarding, and/or coaching talent
  • Matching brain and job/role/function
  • Promoting (neuro)diversity in the workplace
  • Guiding teams to collaborate more effectively and with greater enjoyment


HR, L&D, recruitment, and talent professionals who want to expand their toolkit with a powerful instrument for assessing (potential) cognitive abilities, enabling them to make a difference at the individual, team, and/or organizational level.

Little to no knowledge of psychology and/or neuroscience? No problem at all! All you need to work with BrainsFirst is an interest in how our brain works and the willingness to learn.

BrainsFirst Certification offers:

Blended & bite-sized learning
Customize your own learning path
Continuous learning from and with the BrainsFirst community
Unlimited access to the BrainsFirst knowledge base
Support from our BrainsFirst experts



Step 1: Complete the foundational module From Brain to Practical Solutions
For the basic certification, you will complete the foundational module From Brain to Practical Solutions. During a 2-day training at our office in Amsterdam – combined with self-study and practical exercises – you will acquire the knowledge and develop the skills necessary to use our tools, assess their results, and make the match between brain and role/function/job.

Online preparation:
Learn where and when it suits you via our learning platform.

Day 1 on-site:
Learning from our BrainsFirst experts with a maximum of 12 participants.

Working on your own:
Applying what you’ve learned in practice and gathering feedback.

Day 2 on-site:
Discussing peer feedback/intervision with your group and our experts.

Step 2: Choose an Advanced Module
With our advanced modules, you’ll learn how to utilize our tools in various work contexts.

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Team Effectiveness with BrainsFirst

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